Funeral Directors Mallow

Planning the funeral

O'Keeffe Funeral Directors Mallow are here to help. The process of planning a funeral is hugely varied depending on the wishes of the deceased and their religion
Awake or viewing is generally held. Awake is a key part of the Irish funeral culture, and are events for people to meet, chat, and share memories of the deceased.
Respecting the wishes of you and the deceased as well as any religions or cultural requirements are very important to us. We as Funeral Directors provide you with the information you need to decide what type of funeral you would like for your loved one.

Our primary aim is to work with you as a family as you prepare to say a final good bye to your loved one.

Planning the service itself is done in liaison with the celebrant. They will explain the process of the funeral, and what elements can be customised.

The main points to plan out are:

  • Will there be readings, be they religious or otherwise? Who will read them?

  • Will there be a eulogy?

  • Will there be music?

  • Will the mourners bring flowers or would charitable donations be preferred?

  • If the music is live, a singer or band will need to be arranged.

  • If the music is pre-recorded you will need to be sure of how you will be able to play it on the day (such as a USB stick or using music saved on a phone).

Of course, this will vary greatly. The deceased may have opted for a traditional Catholic funeral, or might have requested a non-religious ceremony, for which a Humanist celebrant is often used.


The burial or cremation

The deceased’s final resting place must also be decided. Some families have plots in cemeteries purchased years in advance, but also plots can be purchased once a death occurs. We as funeral directors will advise you as a family regarding the purchase of burial plots.
If the family chooses cremation, we will guide you through the step by step of cremation also.

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